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Performance Mumbai Walkathon 2018

The Skechers Performance Mumbai Walkathon aims to establish itself as the marquee social walking event for fitness on Mumbai's Annual Event Calendar. Executed in October on the World Walking Day, we encourage thousands of participants to walk through the new financial hub of Maximum city - Bandra Kurla Complex.

Walkers also get to soak up the festive atmosphere as they walk for either a cause, or just themselves.

Walkers may also look forward to loads of surprises, special attendees, on-the-spot flash offers, musical experiences and a whole lot more at the end of the Finish Line.

See You On

7th October, 2018 at the Starting Line!

Route Maps

Venue: MMRDA Grounds, BKC.

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Did you know, Walking one mile a day can burns upto 100 calories. Something as simple as a daily brisk walk can help you live a healthier life. The Skechers Performance Mumbai Walkathon has a lot to offer.

  • Walkers that successfully complete the course across 3 categories will receive a Medal and Certificate acknowledging the same.
  • To add to the excitement, we have an exclusive Skechers flash sale at the end of the event for all the participants. Trust us, you don’t want to miss this.
  • Walkers will also get stylish looking Walkathon Jerseys and Bibs adding swag to their walk.
  • All participants will get special Skechers vouchers which offer an abundance of enchanting delights! Thanks to our vouchers, you can now say goodbye to your walking, as well as shopping worries.
  • Feeling tired with all the walking? We have got you covered! So step in and celebrate this walking phenomenon and blend into a gamut of fun experiences from street artists, musical performances, rolling band, comedy gigs, and a lot more waiting just for you, at the end of the finish line.
  • If that’s not enough, after the Finish Line, there will also be a yummy, healthy breakfast for Walkers to satiate appetites that they would have worked up en route.

The Big Line-Up

A line-up of your favourite influencers who will be walking with us on 7th October. Come by and get a chance to meet them and enjoy a special performance by them at the end of the walk.

  • Shilpa Shetty

  • Sanya Malhotra

  • Rahul Bose

  • Anushka Manchanda

  • Gaelyn Mendonca

  • Riya Jain

  • Shivani Patil

  • Nagma Mirajkar

  • Awez Darbar

  • Anam Darbar

  • Nishant Suri

  • Mohammed Ali

  • Rahul Dua

  • Vrushika Mehta

  • Hesha Chimah

  • Sajjad Khan


Frequently Asked Questions

Find the answers to all your queries related to the event.

  • 01
    When is the Walkathon?

    Skechers Performance Mumbai Walkathon will be held at 7th October 2018 at BKC MMRDA grounds

  • 02
    What are the various categories?

    Skechers Performance Mumbai Walkathon has 3 major categories of walking – 3 Km, 5 Km and 7 Km Walk

  • 03
    What are the eligibility requirements for the categories?

    All participants should be 7 years old and above in age.

    Participants should carry their valid ID proof submitted at the time of registration.

    Participants need to come wearing their respective BIBs on their walking Jerseys as there are no provisions for the same at the venue.

    Wearing Sports shoes for the participants is mandatory throughout the event.

    Participants need to be wearing their jerseys till the event concludes.

  • 04
    Is there any upper age limit for each Walk?

    We welcome participation from all categories and no restriction on the age, sex and disability

  • 05
    What is the minimum age requirement to participate in the Skechers Walkathon 2018?

    All Participants should be 7 years old and above.
    Participants from age 7-14yrs, to be accompanied by an adult in the same walking category.

  • 06
    How do I register?

    There are two ways to register for the Skechers Performance Mumbai Walkathon. One, through visiting our website – www.skecherswalkathon.in
    Secondly, by visiting the company’s authorized retail stores located in various parts of the city.

  • 07
    How much is the registration fees? What does it include?

    Participants can register at a sum of Rs. 150/- for Skechers Performance Mumbai Walkathon (Inclusive of tax). By paying the sum a person is entitled for participating in the event for walking – The registration fee includes event participation, event t-shirt, Skechers vouchers and breakfast at the day of the event .

  • 08
    What are the modes of payment?

    Debit Card/Credit Card/Net-Banking.

  • 09
    Can I transfer my registration to someone else?

    Registration once done on a participant name cannot be changed or transferred

  • 10
    Can I register on behalf of anyone else?

    YES, please note that the credentials and ID submitted in the form, should be of the person being registered only. Govt. Approved ID cards to be provided at the security check for Identification

  • 11
    Can my child walk alone on his own?

    No, Registrations for 7-14 year old children will happen only under adult supervision and the adult accompanying will only be able to register in the same walking category as the child.

  • 12
    On what grounds can my application be rejected or declared invalid?

    A registration would be declared invalid, if the details submitted by a candidate are false/fake and does not matches the name on the valid Govt. approved photo id
    Incomplete payment process

  • 13
    What options do I have in case my application gets rejected?

    Re-submit your application and the payment process

  • 14
    Will I get a refund of my application fees on my application not having been accepted?

    Payment will only be processed after filling the mandatory fields for registration, once the payment has been made a confirmation email, SMS will be sent to the email id and phone number as provided by the participant Interested candidates are requested to meet all registering conditions with correct information and carefully follow steps while registering for the event.

  • 15
    Once applied can I cancel my application and get refund?

    Refund can be processed if the user wants to cancel his registration. Cancellation charges will be deducted as per the policy. Last date to apply for refund is 1st October 2018

  • 16
    Can I change my category after signing up?

    Category cannot be changed.

  • 17
    How do I know if I am successfully registered?

    An email confirmation and an SMS will be sent out to the contact info as provided during the registration process.

  • 18
    Can I and my group of friends/colleagues submit our applications together as a group?

    User can register multiple people with the same form but by filling all the asked details of each person participating in the event.

  • 19
    I have signed up and made payment but not received my confirmation slip. What should I do?

    Write to us at our mail id customercare@skechersindia.com and we’ll connect with you within 1-2 working days

  • 20
    What is the Walkathon Route?

    Please refer to the shared route maps on our website.

  • 21
    Where is the Start and Finish Point?

    Please refer to the shared route maps on our website.

  • 22
    What are the Flag-Off and Cut-Off Times for the Walkathon?

    Fist Flag off will happen at 7am sharp for 7 Km Walk, followed by 5 Km and 3 Km at 7:15am and 7:30am respectively.

  • 23
    Will I get my Walk Timing?

    NO, but you can still time it by using a stopwatch physically or through your mobile phones.

  • 24
    Are there any bag/valuables deposit facilities?

    YES, baggage counter facility will be available at the venue.
    Keeping the baggage at owner’s risk
    Participants are requested not to carry any valuables items to the walk, in case of any loss or theft, organizers will not be responsible for the same and the responsibility to be solely borne by the participant themselves

  • 25
    Are there parking facilities around the Walkathon Venue?

    YES, please refer directional signage for the same which will be present in and around the venue. Parking of the vehicle will be at owner’s risk

  • 26
    Will I get a medal and certificate if I do not complete the Walk?

    NO, only those who successfully finish the walk shall be liable for gratification via medal and participation certificate.

  • 27
    Will there be a refund made if the Walkathon is called off due any reason?

    Yes we will issue the complete refund

  • 28
    Where and when is the Walkathon Kit Collection?

    Kit to be given at the time of collection of the BIB from the respective Skechers stores between 2nd and 5th October 2018

  • 29
    What do I need to bring in order to collect my Walkathon Kit?

    Valid Photo ID used at the time of registering for the event and confirmation mail

  • 30
    Can someone collect on my behalf and how many kits can someone collect on behalf?

    NO, for a secured and safe transactions between the company and event participants, it is advisable to collect your kit by physically being present at the kit collection counter and displaying the valid Govt. approved photo id as given during the time of registration
    Each participant is only eligible for one event kit for him/herself.

  • 31
    Are there any awards that will be given for completing your walk faster than others?

    NO, there will be no awards given, but after completion of your walk you will be receiving a medal and certificate for your participation in the event.
    Our sincere motive is to promote walking as a fitness sport and well-being

  • 32
    I am outstation and will only reach on event day. Can I still collect my kit?

    You can write to us on our email id customercare@skechersindia.com and we can try and cater to such special cases like these.
    For any other queries/questions, please drop an email at customercare@skechersindia.com

  • 33
    What is the last day to collect BIBs from the stores?

    Bibs to be collected from the selected Skechers stores between 2nd and 5th October 2018

  • 34
    Am I allowed to change my T-shirt size?

    All Skechers Performance Mumbai Walkathon Jerseys have a standard size - XL, L,M,S,XS. We are not responsible for customizing the Jersey size, sizes as provided at the time of registration will be the final size and no changes will be accepted further on.

  • 35
    What is the last day to register?

    Registration is subject to availability.