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  • 02When is the Walkathon?

    Skechers Performance Mumbai Walkathon will be held on 24th November 2019 at Inorbit Mall, Malad (West).

  • 03What does the participation fees include?

    The participation fees include the below: –

    1. Enrollment for an event to participate
    2. Event T-Shirt
    3. Skechers Vouchers
    4. Breakfast at the day of the event
  • 04 What are the modes of payment?

    Payment will be accepted by Debit Card, Credit Card, Net-Banking & Wallets only.

  • 05What is the last day to register?

    The last day to register is 18th November 2019.


  • 06Can I transfer my registration to someone else?

    No, registration is non-transferable. 

  • 07Can I register on behalf of anyone else?

    Yes, but the credentials and ID number submitted at the time of registration, should be of the person being registered only. Govt. Approved ID cards to be provided at the security check at the venue on event date for identification.

  • 08Can my child walk alone on his own?

    No, Registrations for 7-14 years old children will happen only under adult supervision and the parents or guardians shall accompany their child for a walk.

  • 09On what grounds can my application be rejected or declared invalid?

    A registration would be rejected or declared invalid if:
    (1) The details submitted by a candidate are false/fake and does not match the name as on the valid Govt. approved photo Id
    (2) Payment of participation fees is unsuccessful.

  • 10What options do I have in case my application gets rejected?

    Do fresh registration with successful payment of participation fees.

  • 11Will I get a refund of my participation fees on my application not having been accepted?

    Payment will only be processed after filling the mandatory fields for registration, once the payment has been made a confirmation email, SMS will be sent to the email id and phone number as provided by the participant. Interested candidates are requested to meet all registering conditions with correct information and carefully follow steps while registering for the event. Providing false information may lead to cancellation of registration and no refund of participation fees will be provided for the same.

  • 12Can I change my category/ BIB location after successful registration?

    No, category/BIB location cannot be changed after successful registration.

  • 13What are the various categories?

    Skechers Performance Mumbai Walkathon will have below 3 major categories of walking:

    1. 3 Km (Fun Walk)
    2. 5 Km (Power Walk)
    3. 8 Km (Competitive Timed Walk)
  • 14How do I know if I am successfully registered?

    An email confirmation and an SMS will be sent to the contact numbers and email id as provided in the registration form during the registration process.

  • 15Can I & my group of friends/colleagues submit our applications together as a group?

    User can register multiple people with the single registration by filling all the required details of each person participating in the event.

  • 16I have signed up and made payment but not received my confirmation slip. What should I do?

    Write us on [email protected] or call us on toll free number 18002127099 and we will connect you within 1-2 working days.

  • 17What is the Walkathon Route?

    Please refer to route map on our website.

  • 18Where is the Start and Finish Point?

    Please refer to route map on our website.

  • 19Will I get my Walk Timing?

    For 8Km (Competitive Timed Walk), timing chip will be attached with the BIBS & you will get SMS for your timings after the event gets over. While for 3 & 5 km, you can time it by using a stopwatch physically or through your mobile phones.

  • 20Are there any bag/valuables deposit facilities?

    YES, baggage counter facility will be available at the venue.

    The baggage will be kept at owner’s risk. 

    Participants are requested not to carry any valuables items to the walk. In case of any loss or theft, organizers will not be responsible for the same and the responsibility to be solely borne by the participant themselves.

  • 21Are there parking facilities around the Walkathon Venue?

    YES, please refer directional signage for the same which will be present in and around the venue and the handout given in the BIB kits. Parking of the vehicle will be at owner’s risk. “First come, first served basis”.

  • 22 Where and when is the Walkathon BIB Collection to be done?

    Pick-up location for BIBS is subject to the selection of the stores made at the time of registration and the collection time is from 20th to 23rd November, 2019.

  • 23What do I need to bring in order to collect my Walkathon BIB/Kit?

    Valid Photo ID used at the time of registration for the event and confirmation mail. 

  • 24What is Competitive Timed Walk?

    The Competitive Timed Walk is a long-distance footrace in which the participants must walk and shall not run. Form and technique of walking are very important in this category.

    Competitive walking isn’t just slow running. It is a progression of steps taken in such a way that the walker makes contact with the ground at all times and no visible loss of contact occurs during this course.

  • 25Am I allowed to change my T-shirt size?

    All Skechers Performance Mumbai Walkathon Jerseys have a standard size – 3XL, XXL, XL, L, M, S, XS. We are not responsible for customizing the Jersey size, sizes as provided at the time of registration will be the final size and no changes will be accepted further on.

  • 26Once registered can I cancel my registration and get refund?

    Participants who are successfully registered can cancel their registration on or before 18th November 2019 and get refund of participation fees, subject to deduction of cancellation charges amounting to Rs. 50/-  across all categories. Cancellation of registration will not be allowed post 18th November 2019. Refunds can take up to a total of 5-7 working days for processing once the request has been received on [email protected]

  • 27Can someone collect on my behalf and how many kits can someone collect on behalf?

    NO, for a secured and safe transactions between the company and event participants, it is advisable to collect your kit by physically being present at the kit collection counter and displaying the valid Govt. approved photo id as given during the time of registration 

    Each participant is only eligible for one event kit for him/herself. In case, a participant cannot collect his/her BIB for a genuine reason, the other participant can collect on his/her behalf with a VALID ID (Govt.) PROOF and authorisation letter, from the selected store. 

  • 28Are there any awards that will be given for completing your walk faster than others?

    Skechers will be felicitating winners of 8 km – Competitive Walk category with an award while there will be Fun Awards catering to 3 & 5 km walk categories. 

  • 29I am outstation and will only reach on event day. Can I still collect my kit?

    In this case, please collect this on the EVENT DAY at the venue. 

    For any other queries/questions, please drop an email to us on [email protected]

  • 30Will I get a medal if I do not complete the Walk?

    NO, only those who successfully finish the walk shall be liable for gratification via medal.

  • 31Will there be a refund made if the Walkathon is called off by Skechers due any reason?

    Yes, we will issue the complete refund.

  • 32When can I get disqualified?

    On committing a foul (no foot in contact with the ground/running/ bent knee /lifting /pushing other participants), a yellow paddle* will be shown to the participant by a judge.

    Each foul committed would amount to a penalty of 10 seconds being added to the final completion time of the participant.

    Any participant crossing the limit of 3 fouls (30 seconds penalty), would be shown a red paddle* to indicate disqualification.

  • 33What is the judging criteria for Competitive Timed Walk?

    The appointed chief judge of Competitive Timed Walk shall have all the powers to make the final decision.

    • All the judges & Competitive Walk official will act in an individual capacity and their judgement shall be based on observations made by them.

    • For 8 KM Competitive Timed Walk, there will be one chief judge, Race officials & volunteers (placed at every 100 metres) for observation & judging the competition.

    • For Bent Knee & loss of contacts, the race official will show the yellow paddle* indicating the foul to the participants & each foul will attract 10 seconds penalty. After 3 fouls, the judge will show the red paddle* which means the participant is disqualified. (This means that the participant’s timing certificate will be cancelled, and participant’s BIB will be reported to the chief judge during the walk.)

    • During the competition, the Chief Judge has the power to disqualify an participant in the last 100m when his mode of progression obviously fails to comply with the rules regardless of the number of previous yellow paddle* the Chief Judge has received on that participant.

    • An participant who is disqualified by the Chief Judge under these circumstances shall be allowed to finish the race. He shall be notified of this disqualification by the Chief Judge or a Chief Judge’s Assistant by showing the participant a red paddle* at the earliest opportunity after the participant has finished the race.

  • 34What are the eligibility requirements for the categories?

    • Participants should meet the minimum age requirement of
      1. For 3Km Fun Walk, the applicant should be 7 years and above as on event day (i.e. on or before 24th November 2019). It is mandatory for Parents or Guardians to accompany their child (between 7-14 years of age) for the walk during the event.
      2. For 5Km Power walk and 8Km Competitive Timed Walk, the applicant should be 18 years and above as on event day.
    • Participants should carry copy of their valid ID proof and submit it at the time of BIB collection and shall carry original while reporting on event date.
    • Participants shall report to venue need to come by wearing their respective BIBs on their walking Jerseys as there are no provisions for the same at the venue.
    • Wearing Sports shoes for the participants is mandatory throughout the event.
    • Participants shall mandatorily wear their jerseys till the event concludes.
  • 35 Is there any upper age limit for each Walk?

    We welcome registration from all categories and there is no restriction on the age, sex and disability. 

  • 36 How do I register?

    Registrations for the Skechers Performance Mumbai Walkathon will be conducted only through our website – www.skecherswalkathon.in


  • 37How much is the participation fees?

    Participants can register for 3 different walk categories by paying below participation fees:

    1. For 8km, the participation fees is Rs.500/- (incl. of taxes)
    2. For 5km, the participation fees is Rs.350/- (incl. of taxes)
    3. For 3km, the participation fees is Rs.250/- (incl. of taxes)